About myself

Here you can find some information about me, my character, my wishes,
what I'm interested in, my daily routine–
generally speaking, some facts from my private life.

Date and place of Birth: 21-Mar-1978, Samara town, Russia.

Family: mother, father, younger brother, elder stepsister, grandmother. Marital status: single.

Education: bachelor's degree in Computer technology plus I took some courses of printing Design.

Hobbies: fitness, dancing, travel, English language. Also I like going to the Cinema or Theatre.

Life's values: honesty, kindness, sincerity, love.

I like warm sunny weather, nature, animals, availability of water: river, sea, ocean.

Dreams about future: visiting Japan and Izrael(again), take up snowboarding and surfing, create my own family.

Wishes have come true: trip to Australia, hold koala; swimming with dolphins; visiting Jerusaleum; modern dancing(such as hip-hop, house, dancehall).

I like coffe with chocolate cake. Honesty speaking, I am a coffe-addicted person and can't imagine my morning without it!